Our system works! The technical answer is three fold.

  1. The heat exchanger (the cold plate tombstone tower) We have 24 feet of 5/16 steel tubing for each faucet that runs through the cold plate. This patented design allows for blizzard system to keep up with any volume. All other competitors will claim to be able to pour a 32 degree beer, but they can’t keep up with high volume. Other systems only try to maintain the temperature of the walk-in cooler, however, the Blizzard Beer System drops the temperature from 8 to 12 degrees below the walk-in cooler in most instances. The cold plate design also ensures that there are not any gaps between the heat exchange and the point of dispense, so there is not an area where the beer can heat back up.
  2. The glycol chiller is unrivaled in this industry. The Cleland Co. has been a family owned refrigeration and manufacturing company for over 35 years. Considered a refrigeration genius to his peers, Jimmy Cleland developed the glycol chiller as a roof top unit that is 30% more efficient than most chillers on the market today.
  3. The installation is top of the line. From beginning to end, the customer will get a professionally installed system with top of the line parts and equipment. There are no short cuts when it comes to serving cold beer.