The first thing Is to have the right design for your operations and then matching that with the right equipment. All too often owners make the mistake of not correctly budgeting for a proper beer system. The result is 15-20% waste from a poorly designed beer system without the right components. Unfortunately that is 15-20% right off the top. There is no way a restaurant could operate with even a 10% slippage rate….imagine throwing every tenth plate directly into the trash. That’s crazy talk. So why is that acceptable with your draft beer. Just think about this. Gas = $3.55/gallon! Beer = $6.45/gallon! So let’s get the right design, with the right equipment and then add a quality install. It’s the details that add up to make any system inefficient. Poor execution is the number one cause of faulty beer systems. Cutting corners makes the difference in a system that lasts 2years(of efficiency) and one that will last 15 years. You get what you pay for on that. If you just have to get the doors open…just remember we offer financing which is a great way to help cash flow.