All too often I here about pouring ice cold beer is frowned upon in the beer connisour world. The reasoning is that at 38 degrees (ideal temp for beer) the gases in the beer are at that perfect spot for breaking out and creating that delicious aroma from smell. As president of Arctic Concepts and craft beer enthusiast, I totally agree with the above statement. And if we could drink a whole pint at an exact 1 degree set point, then I vote for 38, but I am not here to chug every beer I drink. I actually like to take my time and enjoy that beer. My point is that we are having the wrong conversation about at what temp we pour a beer compared to what temperature range we enjoy our beer. Or for your customers at what temperature they enjoy their beer. So let’s play a game of would you rather. Here is the scenario. You are a customer at a local wings restaurant and you order a beer from your waitress. Would you rather have the bartender pour a 38 degree beer, set it on counter for waitress, waitress deliver to your table(total elapsed time 3min), you take your first sip of beer at 40degrees. It takes you 15 min to eat and drink your beer over which time it ends at 55 degrees, and you force yourself just to finish the warm beer so you can order another one. Or same scenario but I pour it at 30 degrees and you take the first sip at 32 and finish at 47. The problem is that restaurants know this….hence the frozen mugs….I always wondered why restaurants put so much effort into a frozen mug only to pour warm beer into it. It’s like a cheap trick to our taste buds.

As for the domestic beers….just look at the advertising. Ice cold, cold as Rockies turn blue, busting through ice…..last time I checked ice was 32 degrees not 38. So wha they are saying is that it’s ok for the can or bottle to be 32 degrees(oh and here is a koozie to help keep it cold) but the draft should be at 38….sounds like a waffling politician to me.